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Meet the Counselor – Samantha Edu

Greetings!  Over time, I have come into contact with many veterans, through many different venues, be it personal or professional life.  I was watching a commercial one evening and the commercial described mental illness for veterans as “invisible.”  From this moment, I started thinking about my encounters with VA clients.  One consistency throughout was that, their raw emotions, were invisible, especially in their relationships.  For some, the thought of seeking help was obsolete because help was invisible to them.  It doesn’t have to be invisible anymore.

I am a licensed clinician at Atlanta Counseling Institute, specializing in divorce among veteran men. I have worked in many capacities and found that I am most effective when I am able to serve those who feel that help is far out their reach.

Contact me at samanthaedu@atlantacounselinginstitute.com or (888)788-4624 ext. 10.

Let’s do it together!


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